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At Holistic Contentment, we are always striving to be innovative and expand what it means to offer people-based support. As a result, HoCo is proud to offer ancillary business services as well as personal care.

Do you have questions about a locations and times for an Optics Free Book Club meeting? Or have suggestions on books or ways to improve our services? Or perhaps you would like to talk about your specific support needs that you want directly addressed? Please go to our website at:


And fill out one of our consultation or feedback forms. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

We can meet face-to-face with you, Skype, text, call, or email. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible. Once you have chosen your preferred method of contact, we will begin the free assessment of needs and dialogue on the best way for you (and your group) to get them met. Our rates are reasonable for both parties and are negotiable depending on the situation.

Optics Free Live Readings

It can be difficult to enjoy reading when vision-impaired. It can also be difficult to socialize and form community bonds for people with severe vision impairments. Holistic Contentment's Optics Free Reading Club provides an opportunity for people to enrich their day through communal listening and discussion of chosen books. Please join us for a lively hour of literary journeys to far off lands and gentle smiles around the proverbial campfire.

This program and service option is focused on seniors and individuals with impaired sight, who would benefit from an interactive experience with others listening and being able to connect with the reader. One will be in a specific place for free TBD.

Traveling Self-Care Support

Have you ever wanted to throw a tupperware party, but the stress of managing all of the details stifled your joy? Holistic Contentment is offering unique, personalized self-care workshops that you can host in your own home! No muss or fuss; just fill out the consultation form online, and we will talk with you about the specifics of your needs. Have a friend who's baby is going through the terrific twos? Send them a self-care workshop catered to their individual interests.

This service is offered as a means of having an individual go to the place of the client, business or groups choosing to support individuals and groups in exploring self-care i.e Healthy eating, Stretching, Laughing yoga, boundary setting, self acceptance and positive affirmation activities, among many other activities.

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Our client Peter and Teammate Sherene, tandem biking in Glacier.