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Community Outreach Programs

After years of service in the care-giving field, I noticed a glaring amount of under-served people in need who were forgotten.  I was inspired to build a value-based company with the founding ideal that everyone deserves access to high quality personal support; Holistic Contentment helps and empowers the young, elderly, those with additional accessibility needs, and those who are fully able.

There are still many unmet needs in the community. Our Community Care Life Empowerment services are provided through volunteerism and fundraising, with no cost to the consumers. While we already providing personal assistance, adult companionship, homemaker, and life empowerment services, we need your help to fully fund our programs.

Self-Care Scouts

When: Every Tuesday.


Where: Zoom (Due to COVID), RSVP and you will be sent an email invitation. Maximum of 5 people, due to time limit.


Time: 2:00PM-2:45PM

Who is welcome:

Anyone that wants support in learning about and exploring methods of self-care in a collaborative group setting.

What we do:
During any given group day we dive into positives and challenges from the participants weeks, engage in active dialogue on how we can incorporate more of the positives into our daily lives, and show up with more compassion for ourselves and others when challenges arise. We also share a short reading, on a topic that came up during the discussion.

Additional details:

It is a free group with donations accepted, that invites people of all ages. We will focus in on self-care topics that the group would like to explore and budget friendly means of engaging with those.

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