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We Are a Value-Driven Service

Employment Feasibility

We are all aware that the current minimum wage is far too low for anyone who relies on work to live comfortably. We support the nationwide push for heightened wages and feel that the way to fully support this ideal is by example. Due to this, no starting wage with Holistic Contentment will be any lower than $16.50/hr.

Old and Young
When One Rises, We All Rise

Through wage transparency and commitment to the whole, we make certain that in home staff and mid-management make a $17.05/hr+ wage. Raises will occur when everyone is capable of getting a raise.


We know that assistance isn't cheap, and therefore, we offer a financial accessibility scale all those in hourly need of assistance. Our rate ranges from $28-$38 per hour.

Enjoying the Woods

We keep ourselves accountable to people, as opposed to corporations. In order to do this, it is our goal for most sponsorship to come from individuals and businesses with mutual ethics of kindness and compassion.


Once we reach our developmental needs, excess in funds go towards sponsorship for clients and staff to have aid towards self care, skill building, and artistic endeavors that they would otherwise have socioeconomic barriers to within the community.

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