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Holistic Contentment Guide to Entering Services

Thank you for your interest in receiving support from the Holistic Contentment team! We have put this together to simplify the explanation of what it looks like to come into services. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,



Step One: Request Information and Fill out Forms

Speak with a Holistic Contentment Manager or representative, and give them your email address so that they can send you the client intake documents. Please fill out the documents promptly and return via email or snail mail, to: or P.O. Box 2665 Missoula, Mt, 59806 at which time we will start to work on putting your support into our schedule.



Step Two: Meet with Management for a Free Consultation and Person Centered Planning Session

Meet with management to discuss client needs, wants and any questions from the intake paperwork.

A Holistic Contentment manager will ask the client or client representatives a series of questions to set up a Person-Centered Plan. This plan will be used to keep track of client needs, staffing schedule, etc.


Step Three: Holistic Contentment Staff Recruitment

As A self-directed staffing agency, you will have two options.

  1. Utilize Holistic Contentment to hire an individual or individuals that you know and want to be gainfully employed caring for yourself or your loved one.

  2. Request that Holistic Contentment recruit staff on your behalf, who meet the requests you have laid out in your Client Support Requirements Questionnaire.

The staff that either you have chosen, or Holistic Contentment has recruited for you, will have a meeting with you and/or your family member and management to get acquainted with the client, home, needs and expectations for the contract. There will be times set at your request for training with you and/or your family member. A start date will be set along with the training dates.


Step Four: Care Start

You, your family member, or payee will receive an invoice one day prior to the start of services (unless another arrangement has been made) Invoices are sent and are to be paid prior to the week of services.

The staff will come in for their trainings day/s and will then start on the day already determined.


Step Five: Follow Up

Management will call, text or email, twice within the first week of services to check in. Management will ask about any thoughts, questions, and concerns the client, family, or staff may have and will consider any solutions that are needed.


Following the first week, management will call for check ins one a week for two weeks, and as needed after the first three weeks.

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