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Our Team

J. Claira Flores
Founder, CEO, PCA, and more

Currently we are compiling details on our teammates, and you will be able to find out more about them on this page in the near future.

J. Claira Flores has a long history of public and individual service positions. They started their service as a student senator at UMWestern and have been a volunteer for non-profits for approximately half a decade, including but not limited to a year at the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center.


They began their work in care 7 years ago at the Springs Assisted Living Center. While technically being kitchen staff, Claira was mainly a self-directed employee within the memory care unit. Their previous manager, Michael Richter, expressed that, “Claira exhibits great skill in providing supports to those facing aging related illnesses: compassion, consistency, and going the extra mile to ensure needs are met.” This position aided Claira to become equipped for personal care work.


After resigning from her position at The Springs, she went on to accept a position at Opportunity Resources as a professional care assistant for individuals with disabilities. Beth Taylor Wilson, a supervisor at Opportunity Resources says that, “Claira is a kind compassionate caregiver, with a cheerful and helpful demeanor. She genuinely cares about all her client's well-being.” They have been working with multiple clients for over 2.5 years and continue to work as a part time care attendant while developing Holistic Contentment.


Approximately 4 years ago, Claira began volunteering as a caregiver for Sara Sunshine. After several months, she decided that she wanted to found an inclusive caregiving business with goals for individual and community support. Claira recognizes their personal strengths and areas with opportunities for growth, and therefore has not been afraid to ask for help. Part of this asking includes working on building bridges with others who have further experience in ethical and sustainable business development and administration. Claira looks forward to continuing to manage Holistic Contentment and help the business to grow into a source of enrichment for individuals and community.


Aubry N
Assistant Manager, Caregiver and Homemaker

Aubry Nicholson (she/her)



I’m a mom of two who transplanted here from the D.C. area about a decade ago while pursuing a writing/literature degree. I hope to be an advocate for healing and radical mental health, absolutely due to my experience with PTSD, postpartum issues, and frustration with what can often seem like a one-size-fits-all approach to all sorts of healthcare. I love my little community to shreds and am a self-described cranky nurturer who feels a lot and is learning to deal with that as an adult so my kids don’t have to (thanks attachment therapy!).

My husband, Joseph, and I have two kids- Oliver (8) and Yvonne (5), who are the coolest noodles I know. Nurturing others is important to me. Healing is important to me. Feeling capable is my jam.

My favorite movie is Harold and Maude and I try to watch it at least yearly.


Cooking, knitting, and reading help with my difficult feels and I started taking in houseplants about a year ago, with what I think is a respectable number of casualties.


We have in our residence the fanciest gentlecat around, Mr. Chuck Bass Norris, as well as two Covid kittens: Dr. Shirley Waffles, who is very wide, and Professor Zelda Pancakes, who is very long.   

While I did do a spot of time in an assisted living facility years ago, the majority of my work experience has been focused on childcare (both mine and others’) and customer service for a good handful of small local Missoula businesses. Since June, I’ve learned oodles about one-on-one caregiving with a pretty wide variety of clients and I love loving what I do!

When I came across an ad for part time caregiving with Holistic Contentment, I was newly separated and fresh out of a Peer Support training I had been looking forward to for a while, all conveniently set during a global pandemic.


The company didn’t have a spot for me at that time, but when it did, I felt really lucky to not only get paid a living wage to care for others, but to do it in a capacity that fills a niche, serves the community, and really honors self-care for everyone involved!

Healthy boundaries, open communication, my favorite clients (it’s literally all of them), and a straight up kick-butt team are why I choose to stay here- plus they let me put my flexibility and weird problem solving mania to use. Magic!



Seth H
CNA, Caregiver, Teammate

Pronouns: He/Him


My name is Seth Hofer.


A little bit about me:

The most important thing in my life is being out in nature.

My favorite quote is: Hold onto what is good, even if it is a handful of dirt. Hold onto what you believe, even if a tree that stands by itself. Hold onto what you must do, even if it is a long way from here.

My favorite sport is baseball.

My favorite hobby is photography.


I have been in the field of caregiving for over ten years. I was called into the field to make a difference in the lives of others.


I am kept in the field by wanting to be a part of and not apart from my community.


I choose to be with Holistic Contentment because I have the opportunity to work with a great team, the company is flexible and client centered.


My caregiving strengths are that I am compassionate, fun loving, dedicated, determined and reliable.


Brii Kelly

Pronouns: She/ her

I am a caregiver because the fire in my soul burns a little brighter helping others live a full and happy life. I was out here to help others.

I like working with Holistic Contentment because I don’t feel alone, by that I mean the support I have from the team I am a part of. I feel like the views of HoCo are not to get rich but to make others lives rich with support, compassion, and genuine care. I like that not only is employee needs listened to but clients as well.


My strengths as a caregiver are that I put anyone and everyone before myself. I care deeply for each and every client I have in my care. I am willing to do whatever task is needed, and doing it over and over again until I get it perfect.


Favorites: My favorite movie is the notebook, any music that speak to my mood at that given moment, and my hobbies are snack and naps

A phrase I live my life by is that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Shanti is our wonderful mascot.


He is:







Shanti embodies many of the things we aim to be and helps us to stay mindful that with patience, thoughtfulness and care we can all be empowered and thrive.

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