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"Claira Flores has been seeing my now 100-year-old aunt for the last six months, since we were looking for some solution to my aunt's issues with mild dementia, grouchiness, and general malaise.

They filled a need that none other had done. She took a real interest in my aunt, and my aunt responded by realizing that she had a friend in the world.

Claira has been with her through the various stages of her decline, and has expressed sensitivity to each phase, has kept me informed of things that have come up, and helped me have more information with which to make decisions.

My aunt is currently on a steep decline, and Claira is still seeing her and my aunt is still looking forward to each visit to the point of telling people that she'll be busy in the morning, so you should come to see me in the afternoon. She remembers that Claira is there in the morning.

I'm very appreciative of all that Claira has done for my aunt. She's very professional, genuinely caring, non-judgemental, and quite giving. I recommend her services highly." - Karen Welch

Pear Kyler

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HoCo has empowered me to take risks and challenge my perceptions of myself. I'm very grateful for their continuing, value-based support.

“I hired Holistic Contentment to help me with some deep cleaning projects at a time of transition in my life. They were and continue to be thoughtful, respectful, and thorough. I trust them totally and look forward to working with them more in the future.”

Aimee McQuilkin

“Holistic Contentment's services make my life so much better with housecleaning and food prep while providing companionship and caregiving service at the same time. They take direction well and like to work off a list. They are also excellent at working with the needs of the disabled. I hope to keep their service longterm.”

Sara Sunshine

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