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Client Liberation Model

At Holistic Contentment we do business differently. This impacts not only our rates, pay and engagement with community, but also our engagement with clients.

Every client who comes into Holistic Contentment services has the option to have as much, or as little hands on management involvement as is needed for ethical quality care. This means that our clients set a plan with us and our care facilitation team that fits their needs and wants. We call this the Client Liberation Model.


Ways that we offer this:

1. You set the time your staff come to work and leave, in your plan with facilitators.


2. You can choose your staff within reason from the Holistic Contentment team or utilize us as a management facility to run the legalities of your care or services, with an in-home provider that you know and want to work with directly.


3. Our managers will assist in managing your caregiving contract as much or as little as needed. We understand that some people need a little help with facilitation, and other individuals need a lot of help.


4. Our team is prepared to assist you with a wide range of daily activities, from homemaking, meal prep and errand running to companionship, hobbies, community integration and assistance with activities of daily living i.e., bathing, hygiene support, medication reminders etc.


5. We speak to you and your family as individuals with unique wants and needs and do our best to meet those to your style.


6. Your staff will be trained in first aid, CPR and caregiving, whether they are your homemaker or caregiver.


7. You set the tone and pace; your staff will not push anything on you that you are not interested in. What they encourage and support will be in your plan or will be based on alterations made to that plan via discussions with management.


8. We are here to assist in your life, not to run it.


How is the Client Liberation Model different?

The Client Liberation Model is different from both Agency Based and Self Direct services. Unlike traditional agency-based approaches, we are here to support you and/or your family in care plans, development and outcome in the ways that you want or need without micromanaging. The model is different from self-direct services in that management is available and engaged as desired - we are not only here to vet, bill and pay staff, we are here to help however we can while allowing you and/or your family the space you need to direct your most empowered forms of care.

The client liberation model is not for everyone. We recommend this model to individuals who are ready, willing and really wanting help with their home and/or their life. We do not recommend this model in the case that you or your loved one is in need of unyielding rules and care with an aggressive mentality. Our team is here to assist and uplift.

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