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Through Compassion and Collaboration Humanity finds Strength.

Giveaway (November through New Years)

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Hello everyone! 

We are doing our holiday giveaway and will be posting about all of our donors as they come up. The giveaway is for useful, comfy, or fun things for individuals who can use a little extra care and support this holiday season. In order to nominate someone, please watch for that weeks giveaway on our Facebook page (Starting November 16th, and going through the New Year). Tag the individual in the raffle that you would like to nominate them for.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/holisticcontentment

Our donors currently are:

Resourceful Gorgon: Prize: hooded infinity scarf (zebra print cotton flannel on one side, black linen/rayon on the other, reversible, machine wash and dry, with a matching, Medium Flannel Mask.

Current focus is on fitted 2-ply cotton masks with filter pocket and nose wire, $10 adult sizes and $8 child. Definitely going to be feeling my way into more accessories... and anything which makes masks easier for people to wear (comfort, silly, pretty, funny, favorite colors, fashion, all of it) I am interested in doing because it's a public health need. So things like coordinating hooded scarf and mask. (This donation was my first test version and it's bigger and blockier than I want, but it's completely usable and sturdy etc.)


FB: https://www.facebook.com/resourceful.gorgon/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/resourceful.gorgon/

Sister Earth Creations w/ Dianne : Prize: Quantity (Two available)

What: Gift card for a session with Diane.


I am a Spiritual Life Coach & Shamanic Life Coach (Certified) a Trained Meridian Wellness Practitioner EFT, TFT (Certified) & Intuitive Oracle & Akashic Record Reader w/Over 30 years Exp., a Spiritual Visionary, Meditation Guide & Artist. Offering, EFT, TFT, NLP, Guided Meditations, Shamanism, Self Awakening & Core Magick Tutorials.


Your Contentment

Everyone deserves access to high quality personal support; we help and empower the young, elderly, those with additional accessibility needs, and those who are fully able. 

Services Overview: 

On a one on one basis we provide personal assistance services, elder assistance services, homemaker services, professional friendship and elder companion services, along with some general labor services.


We offer Self-Care workshops for groups interested in developing a deeper understanding of their self-care in a community care setting, and Optic Free book clubs for individuals who are visually impaired.

We offer a sliding scale for all out of pocket services. Our scale ranges from $21.00-35.00 per hour for all one on one services except for labor and group projects. Our general labor has a scale of $23.00-$45.00 an hour.


Group and business services are offered in two hour increments, for up to four participants. These are offered at a rate of $60, with an additional $5 per individual over the 4 person admittance.

*We accept Big Sky Waiver for Homemaker, and Homemaker Chore. 

To find out more about our services please visit our Services page.

Who We Are
Available Services
  • House Keeping

  • Socialization

  • Care giving

  • Elder Care

  • Meal Preparation and Personal Cook Services

  • And more upon request!

We are a local, homegrown Personal Support, Life Enrichment and Professional Support business. Founded in May of 2018 by Claira Flores with the support of mentors and friends. Currently we consist of a team of 9 caregivers, Claira and our amazing advisory board.

(Claira here: I have to tell you this group is amazing. Everyone on the team is compassionate, interested in learning about others, and showing up to meet the needs of their clients.

If you would like to find out more about what inspired the foundation of Holistic Contentment, please go to the Our Team page. 

Our Values

We are dedicated to client contentment through holistic care. Utilizing a people-based business model, we deliver inclusive involvement from within the company to achieve greater access to personal fulfillment for clients, employees, and the community. Holistic Contentment is dedicated to the following values:


Affordability: We offer a financial accessibility scale for those in need.


Responsibility: We are accountable to people, with this in mind any sponsorship we receive comes from individuals and businesses with mutual ethics of kindness and compassion.

Community & Individual Access: Once our developmental needs are met, any excess in funds go directly to client and employee enrichment, as well as grants to other local value-driven businesses.


Employment Feasibility: We offer a $15.25 an hour wage for in home care and $15.00 an hour for mid-management.

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