Our Mission

Through Compassion and Collaboration Humanity finds Strength.

Your Contentment

Holistic Contentment offers personalized caregiving and in-home family support, so your family can be your friends, and your dad can be your dad.

We are the only caregiving service in the Missoula area with an accessible, sliding scale pay structure.

To connect you to the right information, determine which statement best expresses you:

"I want my dad to be my dad." or "I need high quality caregivers."

Go to: https://www.holisticcontentment.com/services

"I want to rest when I'm at home. I'd like to put work down and be comfortable."

Go to: https://www.holisticcontentment.com/services

"I want to reserve my spoons for the things that I enjoy! I am tired of being tired."

Go to: https://www.holisticcontentment.com/services

"I adore my baby, I just really need a nap!"

Go to: https://www.holisticcontentment.com/in-home-family-support

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P.O. Box 2665, Missoula, MT 59806

Available Services
  • House Keeping

  • Socialization

  • Care giving

  • Elder Care

  • Meal Preparation and Personal Cook Services

  • And more upon request!

Who We Are

We are a local, homegrown Personal Support, Life Enrichment and Professional Support business. Founded in May of 2018 by Claira Flores with the support of mentors and friends. Currently we consist of a team of 17 caregivers, Claira our CEO, and

If you would like to find out more about what inspired the foundation of Holistic Contentment, please go to the Our Team page. 

Claira here: I have to tell you this group is amazing. Everyone on the team is compassionate, interested in learning about others, and showing up to meet the needs of their clients.

Our Values

We are dedicated to client contentment through holistic care. Utilizing a people-based business model, we deliver inclusive involvement from within the company to achieve greater access to personal fulfillment for clients, teammates, and the community. Holistic Contentment is dedicated to the following values:


Affordability: We offer a financial accessibility scale for those in need.


Responsibility: We are accountable to people, with this in mind any sponsorship we receive comes from individuals and businesses with mutual ethics of kindness and compassion.

Community & Individual Access: Once our developmental needs are met, any excess in funds go directly to client and employee enrichment, as well as grants to other local value-driven businesses.


Employment Feasibility: We offer a $15.40 an hour wage for in home care and mid-management. We also offer 2 weeks of PTO per year, as well as full employer paid vision, dental, and life insurance.